System Design / Improvement

We have strong Chemistry / Engineering Experience!

Our experience includes: industrial waste water treatment system design, phosphatizing system design, natal etch system improvement / system re-design, de-greasing and de-rust system design, cone-felting system re-design, washer system design, various oil / water separation design, dry charge battery manufacture, and other manufacturing processes requiring both chemistry and an engineering backgrounds.

We reduced the total process water consumption in one dry-charge battery manufacturing plant 80%, by re-designing their dry-charge battery manufacturing process. The savings reduced the waste water treatment system, which we designed, cost to install and cost of operation.

We provide metallurgical failure analysis to determine the underlying cause(s) for equipment failure / loss, so the losses do not reoccur. Failure causes can result from direct contact of dissimilar metallurgies, chemical addition / overfeed of chemistry that degrades specific metallurgies, especially schedules of stainless steel. The necessity for “machine grounding” in addition to the obvious “neutral grounding” is a common factor.

We provide Evaluation of current chemical programs / applications, providing a third party incite. Understanding the options available, including their advantages and limitations, puts you in a power position over the system protection you want, need, are paying for, and may be getting.

We would like to partner with you to make good things happen!