Microbiological Control

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“Microbiological control in recirculating water systems avoids fouling”, was presented to the “Cooling Tower institute, annual meeting in Houston, and published in the “OIL & GAS JOURNAL”, written and presented by William H. (Bill) Yost of Industrial Water Chemists, Inc.  This paper has been used by multiple water treatment companies for training personnel. You will find this paper helpful for understanding Microbiology and Microbiological problems. We will provide you with this paper as published upon request.

We offer microbiological control services that are based on understanding the principles of Microbiology. The corrective action / programs we utilize to solve problems are both specific and effective.

Our company was primary in helping to develop Bromicide (Dual Halogen Chemistry) for cooling Water application, with Great Lakes Chemical in West Lafayette, Indiana. The original technology was in a pellet form, requiring a “Brominator” to apply.  We offer this technology in a convenient liquid form, at a fraction of the cost of “proprietary microbiocides”. This technology literally dissolves microbiological slime, providing “squeaky clean” system surfaces for optimum heat transfer in heat exchangers, even eliminating microbiological growth and fouling in oil–water separation systems.

We can help you solve microbiological problems in your plant!