Boiler water treatment program sales literature is among the most creative written, often containing promises that transcend the inherent ability of the actual chemical application. The laws of physics and chemistry are not actually effected by the sales literature.

When applied, each individual chemistry has both positive and negative attributes that are inherent to its application. Some new polymers / blends, and sequestering agents continue to evolve. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of each of the available technologies is the starting point for establishing an effective program.

Very important in designing an effective program to protect a system is a thorough engineering survey and understanding of that system. The selection of individual chemical program components is then done logically to provide the level of system protection desired in a cost effective manner.

We will design the program management for each system to the level of control necessary for result and cost control. We will also engineer and implement the level of automation you desire.

The below article appeared in Power Magazine, authored by the president of Water Chemists, William Yost. It is a technical paper detailing boiler water chemistry and the application of boiler water treatments. Copies can be obtained by contacting us from any of the methods detailed HERE.

Power Reprint Cover (Click for large image - 75k)